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I started Saratu Ventures Consultancy (SVC) out of love to Knowledge and Continuous Learning, and strongly believe there is no ending to learning as long as we breathe. And I am very fortunate to have great Trainers and Associates who are willing to come together to support and materialize this vision into reality. Our multiple-experienced trainers have both knowledge and practical experiences in their fields.

While pursuing a research in Knowledge Management, I realized many organizations failed to retain and convert knowledge into valuable information mainly due to lack of understanding in capturing and filtering these valuable assets. Hence, I have introduced our signature course called “Organizational Knowledge Management” which will address this issue and provide practical and feasible solutions. In a “Big Data” era, information has become borderless and increased exponentially and almost impossible to digest humanly. I hope that this course will equip organizations in facing the borderless world and be able to effectively manage their knowledge resources, then a wide range of benefits can be reaped such as improved corporate efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and customer service. I would also suggest “Organizational Behavior” course to organizations which plan to embark into more structured knowledge management process to first understand current organizational cultures because each culture influences knowledge in different dimensions.

Again, thank you for choosing us to be your partner in realizing your training needs. We are open to any feedbacks, suggestions and look forward in serving you again. Learning is always a-two-way communication.

" Knowledge comes from Learning, Wisdom comes from Living

Managing Director
Saratu Ventures Consultancy